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Hearty Spices Turmeric Latte Spice Mix consists of  the golden blend of 7 traditional spices to give the best taste and health benefits.

These 7 ingredients in our latte mix include:

Ginger, Black Pepper ,Turmeric ,Cardamom ,Cinnamon, Saffron ,Fennel

Each of these ingredients carry their own set of health benefits, such as improving immunity, regulating blood sugar, enhancing digestion, supporting heart health and much more!

The benefits of these 7 spice ingredients are supported by scientific research by Pubmed Central, a highly respected database from the U.S. national institute of health.

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Ginger's Gastroprotective effects

Ginger's natural aid to cough and colds

Turmeric's help against cardiac diseases

Turmeric's help in preventing Heart failure

Black pepper's anti-cancer and immunomodulatory

Cardamom's rich antioxidants

Cardamom's help in improving immunity

Cinammon's benefits for type 2 diabetes

Saffron's support in heart health

Fennel's help in digestion