Having a warm glass of Hearty Spices Latte is definitely now one of my fav things before bed! Tastes really good, and makes you feel even better


    "When you're feeling under the weather and need that immunity boost, this latte helps! It is so good, it makes you feel better and it definitely has a refreshing taste!"


    "So much convenience in a pack. The overall taste is well balanced - just the right touch of spiciness but nothing too overpowering. Recommend to give this a try!"


    "My hub is a huge fan of Spice latte while I am not very adventurous when it comes to spices. Was worried that the spice flavours will be too overwhelming for me. Am glad that Hearty spice latte is quite easy on the palette and not overwhelming at all. Love the great ingredients used and the extremely beneficial properties of the spice mix. Glad to enjoy a latte with great health benefits!"


    Easy to prepare, no sugar is required. It is also full of benefits for immune booster and regulate blood sugar. It warms my tummy and best is that it tastes great too.


    I love the packaging and the fact that there are clear steps on how we can make our very own drink with all the benefits clearly stated at the back! The powder was really fine and it blends well with my milk. The taste was not too overwhelming as well.