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7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Turmeric You Haven’t Yet Discovered

Riddle of the day: The alluring gold is always found in the soil, and this bright orange-yellow root with an enchanting fragrance and the unique earthy taste, belongs to the same family.

Solved this riddle yet?

Yes, we are talking about the Golden Spice-Turmeric! This 4000-year old Indian spice with an intense colour and aroma is now a key ingredient in many recipes across the globe.

The Indian medicinal science, Ayurveda, has already cited a plethora of health benefits of this amazing herb. In many indian households, turmeric milk has been an all-round, promising cure for every sickness. In fact, it wouldn’t be a mistake to call it the powerhouse of good health. 

Turmeric Powder and Turmeric

But, there’s a lot more to Turmeric than most people know. So, let’s dig in further and discover what this mysterious spice has to reveal:

    1. Turmeric improves the antioxidant capacity of the body

      As you grow old, your body becomes susceptible to various diseases.


      The major reason for aging and other diseases is oxidative damage, which occurs due to small entities called free radicals. On exposure, these free radicals mess with the fats, proteins, and even DNA of your body.

      Your body needs antioxidants to protect it from free radicals and when you’ve got turmeric, why choose anything else? The compound curcumin present in turmeric neutralizes the free radicals and boosts the activity of the body’s antioxidant enzymes, thus keeping you safe from cell damage(1,2). 

      2. Turmeric lowers the risk of heart disease

      turmeric heart disease

      Heart disease is one of the top-most reasons for deaths in the world. Can turmeric keep your heart happy?

      Yes! Turmeric acts as an antidote against heart diseases. It regulates the blood pressure and avoids blood clotting in your body(3). Studies have even found that turmeric reduces the risk of heart attacks in people who have had heart surgery already. 

      3. Turmeric helps to prevent and treat diabetes

      Turmeric helps to lower the blood insulin levels and boosts the effect of medications to treat diabetes. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric play a significant role to delay the onset of Type-2 Diabetes for people with pre-diabetes(4). It lowers high blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol levels too.

      4. Turmeric is the best immunity booster

      Turmeric is a gem for your immune system. By acting as a prebiotic promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, turmeric helps your body to fight against viruses like flu and herpes(5). It further facilitates and smoothens digestion, and purifies the blood by eliminating toxins from it. All these properties indeed make turmeric a treasure for building immunity.

      5. Turmeric nourishes your skin

      tumeric for skin

      Wanting to revive the golden glow of your skin?

      Turmeric does that for you. In addition to that, its anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties make it an effective cure for various skin conditions like acne, eczema, etc. It has also been helpful in the treatment of psoriasis and scabies(6). Did you know turmeric turns out to be a superior anti-aging supplement as well? 

      6. Turmeric has excellent anti-inflammatory properties

      Turmeric powder lifestyle photo

      Acute inflammation can be fine for your body, but not when it starts to damage your own body tissues and gives rise to certain chronic diseases. Turmeric has very strong, natural, anti-inflammatory elements, like Curcumin, that blocks the action of inflammatory molecules in the body. This all-nature spice is even better than anti-inflammatory drugs and doesn’t have side-effects too(7,8,9).

      7. Turmeric plays a key role in treating depression

      Turmeric brain food

      Surprisingly, turmeric is an excellent brain food. The majority of brain disorders are a cause of brain dysfunction. In fact, chronic inflammation and depression exacerbate one another. Turmeric’s anti-depressant and anti-oxidant abilities promote the growth of neurons and fight the degenerative processes in the brain(10). This makes turmeric an effective remedy not just for mild depression but also for major depressive disorders.

      Alas! You may now find yourself caught up in a tug of war between these wholesome benefits and the bitter flavor of turmeric. If only you could have it all in a refreshing cup of delicious turmeric latte!

      Now, you can.

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